Experts in Growth Strategies

We connect prospective companies with experienced investors and entrepreneurship leaders.

About us

FINKLUB Investments conducts advisory activities, associating companies
seeking equity financing with private investors interested in investing in
promising business ventures. Investors associated with FINKLUB
Investments are mainly former or current owners of small and medium-
sized companies and people in senior positions in corporations, legal or
consulting companies.

FINKLUB Investments is run by SILBA Management Ltd.
KRS: 0000739927, Warsaw, Poland    

Our projects

Typical investment in a single company is in the range of PLN 0.6 million - PLN 2 million, and individual investors make contributions from one hundred to several hundred thousand zlotys. The investment horizon is usually 3-4 years, with investors expecting cash-on-cash returns at least three times. Some investors, apart from capital, also provide business support, so-called "Smart money".

Investors are interested in companies in the early growth or scale-up phases, operating in promising markets and having competitive products or services and business models already verified by the market. Companies should also have a competent and properly motivated key team devoting 100% of their time to the company.

The investment process, from the signing of the consultancy agreement by the company and FINKLUB Investments to the closing of the transaction and transfer of financing to the company by investors designated by FINKLUB Investments, usually takes 2 to 3 months.